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Amazing News!!!!!

We’ve miraculously involved one of the world’s best music video makers !!! MATT MAHURIN.

Matt has made music clips for U2, Tom Waits, Metallica just to name a few…and he has fallen in love with one of the tracks from our album…

We could tell you which song Matt will be using but we thought it would be more fun for you to guess!

***The first 5 people with the correct answer will receive a hand produced Certificate of Excellence in SPIN – “Superb Powers of Intellect and Nous” with a lipstick seal of approval from Nina Vox
(containing traces of her DNA – delicious natural art) ***

The answer will be revealed at the end of the campaign.

Here is Matt’s website … just to give you a taste of his wonderful creations and what he is capable of!



Thanks to the generous support of our fans we have reached 85% of our target and this is brilliant!!

We are even more excited about this project now that we know who is making the film clip!!

We are completely aware that a lot of you are in no position to donate money and weCOMPLETELY UNDERSTAND. You have already supported us enough by listening to our music over the years.

There is a way you can still help however, by forwarding the Indegogo campaign link to anyone you feel may be interested. It is not just a donation as you get goodies in return…


Also if you go to Facebook and click the LIKE BUTTON on our Beautifully Mad Band Page


Every action helps us reach a wider audience and potentially reach our target.

Lots of love

Beautifully Mad xx

As part of an almost extinct species known as “The full time musician” we really related to this image 🙂


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