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BEAUTIFULLY MAD @ The Basement  SYDNEY February 23rd-2010

The doors opened at 5pm. We slid our gear in, getting set up for the sound-check…feeling is that it will be a good gig.

Chris Mysinsky always on time, always ready to help, he puts us at ease… the sound will be good.

There is to be a showcase before our performance, a young Melbourne performer who, apparently Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs are interested in.

Meanwhile in a corner of the venue, the unveiling of the remarkable portrait of singer songwriter, Jeff Duff, that once was lost and now is found again, was also taking place, before our performance , and during our sound check which led to an impromptu song from Jeff with Bill Risby on piano.

What a joy and what an amazing voice Jeff Duff has!

Two hours for dinner and prep, the Beautifully Mad Band Boys forage for food @ Circular Quay. I stay behind and warm up, make up, try stretching to relax, have my minutes of silence… Mechelle arrives to be caretaker of the CDs … Leslie appears with a great idea…

Dinner is over and we’re all back stage… I’m Groucho Marx in the broom closet saying “come on in plenty of room…” meanwhile the venue is filling with people we know and love and a few strangers too…

It’s time… 9.30 passes … 10pm appears… at 10:15pm we start…

Tony counts us in and the musical caravan begins.

Bill Risby (our Keith Jarrett rival ) created inversions of rainbow proportions on  an instrument that embodies black’n’white… Bill is a brilliant pianist and an angel in disguise.

Abraham (our Jimmy Hendrix freak and almost look alike) is the first drummer to have to present ID at the door. Abraham plays his kit with a finesse that belies his years.

Peter Badenoch (our Peter Gabriel freak and almost look alike) his first Basement gig. His playing is so solid, a sound hound. He enveloped the songs with his round anchoring Bass .

Craig Walters (Big W) had 150 people inhaling with slack jaws, in awe of his dexterous command and soloing choices on saxophone and flute.

Nina Vox appeared and invited George Washingmachine to join her on “I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did”…With his hair spiked (our Stephan Grappeli crossed with Ray Charles ) no stranger to the stage, stayed for the whole gig enthralling us all with his superbly played violin.

Jiri Kripac blew us away with his mini trumpet, in the finale “Papa Mau Mau’s Kitchen”…

Tony and I cannot thank the Beautifully Mad Band enough for being  generous with their time and such fun to work with. They offer their individual genius to make the whole experience sonically satisfying.

Thanks to Chris Mysinsky a for the great sound.

Thanks to Tony Ralph for taking some great photographs of the night.

Thanks to Chris Richards and all the staff for making our night run so smoothly.

To all our friends, fans and new fans & friends, who came to the gig…we never forget that you are the reason we do what we do. Thank you for shining your light on us.

For me, being on stage with all of these fabulous musicians, making Tony King’s songs come to life,  set me on a magic musical carpet ride where stars and universes sparkled and reverberated and will stay in my heart for a lifetime…

PS Michael McDonald did show up and he stayed for most of the gig… according to Victor ( Abe’s Dad)  Mr McDonald enjoyed the night … next time we may ask him up for a sing! Love that voice!


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